Unusually Designed Dresses Around the Globe

These are some of the most unusual and interesting dresses to have ever been made. Ladies like to wear dresses to show how beautiful and seductive they can be and to feel like princesses. Some of the choices of these dresses are a bit odd for a princess who is waiting for her knight in shiny armor but they like to experiment. I’m not sure that the prince is the one who will be dazzled by these nontraditional gowns. But that’s the risk a girl has to take!
This dress has been made of 448 circular boards (depending on the length)I seems that it calls out for all the geeks out there.
This unusual dress seems to be both sleeping bag and an amazing gown.
These are some lucky birds, but it is unclear who is feeling trapped here the birds or the girl.
This incredible dress was inspired by butterflies. It represents freedom and tenderness.
The porcelain dress may be uncomfortable but it can come in handy when you wish to drink tea with your friends.
It doesn’t matter if you are going for a cocktail party or to the beach; this is a dress for every occasion. It looks incredible with shoes of any color and design so you don’t have to worry about looking fresh and in vogue at all times.
This incredible dress glows according to your mood. If you don’t want your emotion to be seen we advise you not to wear this emotion sensitive dress.
In case you’re going camping make sure that you have this dress on you. But there is a downside to wearing this while camping. In case a bear comes after you wouldn’t be able to ran away so you better think of a backup plan before going.
The creator of this dress didn’t know how to use all those tax forms lying around his house so in a month he designed this tax form dress.
The balloon dress will show your bubbly and lively personality. I don’t understand how no one thought of this sooner. It looks incredibly amusing.