Exhibition games and toys in Hong Kong

International Trade Fair and Exhibition «Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair» is held annually in Hong Kong. Here you can view and purchase a variety of toys and games - mechanical, electronic, soft, training, developing, souvenirs, dolls, books and more.

Visitors to the trade exhibition of toys in Hong Kong. «Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair» - this is the most widespread in Asia exhibition of such a plan, which is traditionally held in January 10 to 13 chislo.e.
Funny Ducks in exhibition games and toys.
Toy robot.
The man, who goes by toys during the first day of the exhibition-fair of toys.
Toys that are exhibited at the exhibition.
Men see toy machines.
A man walks past a variety of soft dolls.
Man considers rubber dinosaurs.
Seller near the stand.
A woman talking on the phone, walking past the booth with a variety of toys.
The woman on the background of the booth with all kinds of Christmas decorations.
One of the visitors photographs minimodeli cars of different brands.
Woman considers wigs.