Modern Wild Looking Tables

Strange surfaces to keep your food from tipping over... supposedly
 Modern custom-designed furniture did not become any tamer - the wildest forms and strangest materials continue to appear disguised as tables, chairs and other humble furniture items. Underneath their sheer utilitarian, even prosaic, use there hides a STYLE STATEMENT worthy of late Beatles Sgt. Pepper... See for yourself:
Levitating Cube Tables by Rock, Paper, Robot have become quite a rage since Wired Magazine's recent exposure. I am sure it is an impressive piece, but
Trinity is a variant of the award-winning 'Infinity + 1' table, designed by Jason Heap:
Another interesting "Infinity Table" based on the well-known symbol of infinity, can be seen here (left image below):
Infinity Mirror Table (also seen above right) can be quite mesmerizing for those looking deep into it: