Funny Toilets Around The World

November 19 was declared World Funny Toilets in 2001 held in Singapore during an international conference devoted to problems of toilets. We offer you the photos from around the world devoted to such seemingly mundane things like the toilet.

Every year since 2001 around the world celebrates the fun of toilet
September 28, 2010. New Delhi, India. A policeman near the restrooms, installed near the village of athletes during the Games of the Commonwealth.
January 22, 2010. Employees of the German firm specializing in the manufacture of toilets, stand on a giant sculpture of toilets in the central office of his company in Hornburg .
Gamers test console Sony Playstation 3 gaming convention in Leipzig, August 22, 2007.
November 22, 2007. South Korea. Woman decorates the toilet inside the plumbing in Seoul.
This toilet - all that was left in place at home after the tsunami on the shores of the villages on the islands of Samoa Lalomanu 1 October 2009 .
Brazilian Indians come into the toilets during the Games of the native tribes in Olinda, 25 November 2007.
Suwon, South Korea, Nov. 9, 2007. Haewoojae - construction in the form of a public toilet bowl.
November 8, 2004. Public toilet in Beijing, China.
August 5, 2010. Bathroom Gallery ice in Seoul.
March 13, 2008. Portugal, Sao Joao Madeira Yes. Public toilets, decorated mannequins.
January 10, 2008. Toilet seat public toilet intended for passengers Seoul subway.
July 20, 2010. Soldiers lined up in front of public toilets during the celebration of two hundred anniversary of Independence Day of Colombia.
April 13, 2008. Installation of 600 toilets in downtown Beirut during the celebration of the anniversary of the outbreak of civil war.
Urinals from the Dutch artist Mike Van Schindele at an exhibition in Tokyo on November 1, 2007.
China, October 22, 2006. Two girls studying the menu in a restaurant Shenzhen, a design that is fully decorated around the theme of toilets .
Toilet in the open air on the Swiss research station in Greenland, May 18, 2007.
April 21, 2009. South Africa. Public toilets in Cape Town.
Exhibition of toilets in downtown Kiev, Ukraine, May 27, 2009.
Tsentendorf, Germany, July 15, 2007. Toilet in the main hotel.
The toilet in the Olympic Village in Beijing, China, July 27, 2008.
A man dressed as Santa Claus in a shopping center in Germany, December 6, 2008.