Rezinovaya akrobatka

At the age of four Golden discovered in his amazing talent. She is working hard to develop it. 24-year-old former gymnast, who was born in Russia, is now one of the most extreme acrobats in the world. Zlata many trains and prepares for world tour.

One of her favorite tricks is when she bends over backwards at an angle of 90 degrees and your hands touching your feet. The girl believes that there is nothing strange in this. She can throw a leg over his shoulders and keep on hand. Zlata can also climb into a box volume of only 50 cm square.
Golden says: "During the implementation of these poses, I feel very natural. Sometimes it may be a little uncomfortable if I for one have to pose for a photo shoot for a long time. But for me it is the same as for the average person to sit, just tired muscles. "
"I really do not sit on a diet, but I have a very serious exercise to keep muscles in shape and be as flexible as possible."
Zlata has a rare disease that makes all of her tendons are extremely flexible. Therefore, it can take, at first glance surprising poses. But Golden, who now lives in Germany, do not always hear the applause for their performances. She first began experimenting with his talent, after school teacher asked her to make a bridge. Standing on the hands and feet as the arch, and it just eclipsed all of his classmates. The girl acknowledged that other girls her age jealous of her. "Russia has to be flexible - it's great, because then you really get into the sport," - she explained. "Some girls do not like it, how well I am doing exercises.