Pinball in human growth

 Machine for playing pinball has always been considered a sign of good bars. And here is a huge pavilion in the form of a pinball-machine - a sign of a good sense of humor, the designers working on the company Spock and O'Leaf. After all, this incredible hall - it's just exhibition opportunities for its new light fixtures.
 LEDs make a real revolution in the market of lighting fixtures. They completely change our understanding of how it should look like a lamp and bulb, and that they may be capable of, what results they can be achieved.
 An example of this can serve as a pavilion, installation of Spock and O'Leaf, installed in the exhibition Modular Lighting Instruments to design Interieur Biennale 2010. It runs in the venue Kortrijk Xpo in the Belgian town of Kortrijk.
After all, this pavilion is a machine for playing pinball. Here are just a machine that has increased many times until the size of that metal ball in it can make people.
Inside this installation of Spock and O'Leaf illuminated by thousands of colored LEDs that constantly change color, intensity and direction of light. In general, a person in this hall, the sum total impression, though he is not on a design exhibition in the Expocentre, and inside the machine to play pinball.
 However, a person there is absolutely nothing to fear. Nobody and nothing will be kicking, chasing around the "automatic". On the contrary, inside the pavilion will be to relax, sit on soft chairs and sofas, tea or coffee, and for all that enjoy the contemplation of opening up your possibilities of LED lamps of Spock and O'Leaf.
Here and so seemed a decade ago unreasonably expensive LEDs penetrate into our everyday life, becoming an integral part of our lives. Now it is hard to imagine, as we lived without them. And even more difficult - as it would be live without them!