Amazing Gothic art festival

If you think you are pure gothic then I really want you to realize that nothing is wrong with whom you are. The fact that you are different from other groups of people you might know does not mean that you are living in a wrong way, or that you are a weird person.

As a gothic person you are a very special and wonderful human being. There is no one else in this world just like you.  Gothic and punk things are wonderful expressions of personality.  In fact it is good and even better not being a causal person like all the other people in this world. A gothic person is standing alone against the crowd seeking to be unique and this is an amazing thing. People who chose to be gothic made a very special choice in their life. However they have to pay a social price for it, it is like the price tag on new gothic clothing. Sometimes you might feel loneliness and so different from the other people that you will come up with the question: why I need it? Won't it be so much easy to just be a regular person like every other else?

Some people like to label themselves and every other else as well, they enjoy being recognized as different from the main society. This is why gothic people loves to dress in black, listening to all kinds of gothic music and have very distinctive lifestyle. All those action are not purely to make disorder in the society but to express their unique personality. In fact the gothic subculture developed from the punk culture which was a bigger threat to society in terms of rebellion. The Gothic love subculture is quieter and mostly deals with itself rather trying to call for disorder against the mainstream.
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May 21, every year, the annual Gothic romanticism with concerts, exhibitions, parties and other events, approximately 2 million people attended the Gothic Festival this year.