And for something to eat gold bars

Gold not only bear the in the form of jewelry and stored in vaults in the form of ingots.They are quite possible to have breakfast or snack.
For example, there r Olot chocolate.Swiss chocolate Delafee made of the finest varieties of cocoa beans. Precious flakes of 24 karat gold leaf applied by hand with exquisite accuracy on every bar of chocolate.What is the decisive factor in chocolate Delafee, this harmonious combination of taste gold with the ingredients of chocolate, create a unique taste and unique bouquet of chocolate Delafee.

Cigars with pure gold
Selected Dominican cigars, rolled by hand and wrapped in a sheet of foil of pure gold.Luxurious gift cigar in the case of stainless steel with an engraving.

Candy with Edible Gold
This Lollipop adorned with shiny flakes of edible gold.

Vodka with gold flakes
Allegedly,this vodka is very good to drink. And except for a pleasant taste, it contains flakes of 22-carat edible gold.

Tahitian vanilla ice cream,prepared with madakaskarskoy vanilla,which were covered with sheets of edible gold leaf weighing 23 carats,the most expensive chocolate in the world «Amedei Porcelana»,chocolate from cocoa beans imported from the village of Chuao (Venezuela) as well as the American golden caviar, sliced passion fruit, orange, candied exotic fruits from Paris, marzipan cherries, truffles, decorated with pellets of real gold and top watered Armagnac. The Sunday was served in a glass of crystal Harcourt, along with a golden spoon, weighing 18 carats.Above the Sunday was decorated with a gilded sugar flower by Chef Ron Ben-Israel