Anksunamun(Patricia Velasquez ) from the movie "The Mummy"

Born in Maracaibo, the largest city in western Venezuela, near the Colombian border. Her mother is a South American Indian from the village of Vayu, and her tribe of half-lives in Venezuela, half in Colombia. Up to 4 years, Patricia Velasquez was living in Paris, then - in Mexico City, where her father worked for UNESCO. Both mother and father were teachers and Patricia gave her an excellent education.
Patricia Velasquez began as a dancer, but in 17 years, had accidentally opened the top modeling agency and soon it literally tore apart the most famous fashion house of the world. She worked in Italy, Spain, France, Britain, Japan, and later became the first South American top model in New York. In 1997, she left the podium, and began taking acting lessons, then began rapidly acting career.