Ancient surgical instruments

But still hurt today - it's not as bad as before.
Do not believe me? Then look like and how people were treated a few centuries ago.
Retrieved from those days surgeons are more like weapons of modern maniacs of horror movies.

Knife amputations (18 century)

Peel amputations (17 century)

Tool for extracting arrows (16 century)

Artificial leech (19 century)

Tool for extracting bullets (16 century)

Expander cervix (19 century)

A knife for cutting (18 century)

Ecraseur (19 century)

Grasping of hemorrhoids (19 century)

Device for curing hernias (19 century)

Compass Hertz (1915) (found in the body of the bullets)

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Device for removal of the uterus (19 century)

Device for removing stones from the urinary bladder (18-19 century)

Gag (19-20 century)

Scarifiers (20 century)

Peel the skull (19 century)

Enema of tobacco smoke (18-19) saved by thus choking people.

Device for removal of tonsils (19 century)

The device for opening the skull (19 century)

Device for gynecologists (17 century)