Pictures of marijuana

Throughout history, especially in the last century, we find examples of how creative people have used drugs for inspiration when creating their works. But never before has there been such, that the artist created his paintings directly from the drug. Cliff Maynard (Cliff Maynard) was the first, and must admit, it turned out pretty good.

Cliff Maynard, 37-year-old artist from Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania) and pictures of unfinished cigarettes with marijuana. With a knife, he cuts the cigarette butts on the necessary elements, and then puts the image of them, like pieces of the puzzle. From one cigarette there are three "parts of the puzzle" as the author calls them, but how many of the elements he combines in a single image - Maynard count is not taken. The work of Cliff quite laborious: the creation of one painting size 20х25 cm takes at least 70 hours.