Red Bull Flugtag Moscow .

Red Bull Flugtag Moscow

Yesterday, August 9, the Moskva River in the Moscow area Strogino for the first time in Russia was the famous Red Bull Flugtag, which has come to see over 70,000 spectators.
The only condition - no motors, just power down and twist of the wrist. The flights were estimated audience and jury on three parameters: wing span, the originality of the device and the flight itself: its peculiarity, its quality and range.

The first festival of "Red Bull Flugtag" was held in Vienna (Austria) in 1991, Since then, around the world - from Ireland to San Francisco - more than 35 summer festivals "Flugtag", which was attended by over 300 000 spectators. Record-range flight to date is 195 feet (59.4 meters). It was installed in 2000 at the Festival "Red Bull Flugtag" in Austria.