Scandalous Exhibition of Anatomical Gunther Von Hagensa \ Art

Scandalous Exhibition of Anatomical Gunther Von Hagensa.
May 7 in Berlin, opened the latest exhibition of German artist Gunther von-anatomic Hagensa,which represented plasticized corpses in sexual intercourse.
The exposition attracted resentment of politicians and representatives of the Church.Sam Gunther von Hagens stands in defense of their exhibition entitled «K√∂rperwelten & Der Zyklus des Lebens», arguing that it brings together the greatest taboos of sex and death, and, being inherently biology lesson, «is not intended for sexual stimulation».
The exhibition presented a collection of four of these human bodies and their fragments, which were plastinatsii procedure.German scientist Gunther von Hagens developed a method of plasticization few years ago, opening the way to preserve the bodies by replacing their fat and water injection of silicone.