Cool Pictures Of Terrible Figures...

When ogling on the pictures,it seems hell came down to earth...But however it's easier and more interesting ...

In EarlyDecember through the streets of the Austrian cities go terrible figures in the skin of scary masks, with Caprine horns on his head.

According to legend, the evil spirits Krampusy, which drove the local Santa (St. Nicholas). Externally, they resemble the most common feature of hairy skin, huge horns and ugly face. They Graham iron chains, grohochut balls with a metal crowbar inside orut and dancing in the streets.

- this evil satellite of St. Nicholas, something like our leshego, which punishes disobedient children.

In the December days, the day of St. Nicholas, Krampus descends from the mountains. Day cavalcade of wooden masks from more than 70 creatures being held in the center of town, turning Igls in a big snow carnival.Later Krampusu comes to the aid of St. Nicholas himself, with retinue Dwarfs, bearing gifts.Distribute gifts Krampus accompanies strikes brooms.

It says 100 roads, one of the biggest processions involving Krampusov held in the small Austrian city of Schladming.In addition, Shladmin considered one of the most prestigious resorts in Austria.On the flat, but quite steeply descending Shladminga can find trails for beginners and for these masters, and skiing season in this region lasts from November to April.